The Power of God Revealed in Human Weakness

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Run Time: 10:57.  Gospel: Mt 5:13-16.

So, the Bible should have a very special place – not only in our lives and our homes – but in the way that we live. … It is something to be used.  It is a deep and enduring revelation of God that can nourish us as we move through life.  And if we do that we will discover, I think, that it will become harder for us to fall into temptation.  It will be harder to be deceived by the world around us.  It will be harder for us to be discouraged and confused by the troubles of life that befall us.

About Fr. David Grondz

"He only who speaks from the heart, that is, he who feels and practices what he preaches, shall speak to the heart of others, and shall move them to the love of God." ~ St. Alphonsus Liguori