Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Run Time: 09:01.  Gospel: Mk 1:29-39.

The Catechism calls us, the baptized, as ‘counter witnesses of Christ.’ To put that in a different way, we are like advertisements for Christ – or billboards for Christ. And as Catholics we have identified ourselves with Him and with His Church. And so people who are outside the fold sometimes – I suppose – look at us to get an idea of what Christ is like. Actions speak louder than words. If we gossip, if we criticize, if we talk harshly just as much as everyone else while trying to identify with Christ. If we live pleasure seeking and self-indulgent lives just like everyone else. If we look out for number one instead of looking out for our neighbor. If we lie, cheat, cut others down and manipulate just like everyone else. Well … why then is it any mystery why people who know that we are Christ’s followers decide not to follow Him themselves? But on the other hand, if they see us turning away from gossip, defending other people’s good names, they see us living balanced, well ordered – and heaven forbid, joyful lives. If they see us as compassionate and forgiving, and yet firm in our moral commitments. Well then, in that case, perhaps many would be drawn towards Christ and not pushed away.

About Fr. David Grondz

"He only who speaks from the heart, that is, he who feels and practices what he preaches, shall speak to the heart of others, and shall move them to the love of God." ~ St. Alphonsus Liguori