God’s Answer

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Run Time: 03:35.  Gospel: Mk 9:2-10.

Throughout all of human history mankind has sought answers to pressing questions that simmer in the depths of our hearts: ‘Why are we here? Who am I? How can we find happiness? Why is there suffering and evil in the world?’ Often, as attested to by the great literature of the world, we have addressed these questions directly to God. Sometimes it may seem though that God has not responded, but in fact He has. And His response is an amazing one – it is surprising one – it is not a thing, but rather His response is a living person. Not a formula, or a philosophy, or a way of life, but in the person of His Son – God become man…

About Fr. David Grondz

"He only who speaks from the heart, that is, he who feels and practices what he preaches, shall speak to the heart of others, and shall move them to the love of God." ~ St. Alphonsus Liguori