And The Greatest Of These Is Charity

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Gospel: Jn 18:1—19:42.

All this week we’ve heard from the Gospel of John, “Father, if it be Your will, take this away from me.” You see Christ in the garden so agonized that he’s sweating blood and that this act of supreme love, of charity caused Him, in His humanity, even to suffer. And because we are conformed into that image of Christ through baptism, death, and resurrection, then that is the example we follow – the hard work of growing into that image. Of learning to love as God Himself has loved us. Be not mistaken, and it’s a good thing that we celebrate this year after year because we learn so many different lessons and we’re given an opportunity to reflect on the last year: how have I grown in this image and likeness of God? Or how … do I need to grow even more?

About Fr. David Grondz

"He only who speaks from the heart, that is, he who feels and practices what he preaches, shall speak to the heart of others, and shall move them to the love of God." ~ St. Alphonsus Liguori