Foundation Stones of the Church

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Run Time: 11:30.  Gospel: Jn 20:19-31.

There’s a shift going on in the liturgy, from disciples to apostles.  And we see that same shift in the Gospels in the change of mission, the change of a character, the change of those twelve men into, from following someone here on earth – being a disciple – and their becoming, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, apostles.  No longer having that luxury, or that privilege of being taught by Christ, but taking, then, what they have been taught and spreading it to the four corners of the earth.

It always amazes me that this kind of change which we’ve seen in the apostles, that in those twelve men we have pretty much the summary of all of our emotions and all of the things that we can go though in life, different phases, different states of being and so the apostles become to use real examples of apostleship wherever we find ourselves to be.  Whether it is like Judas, in being a betrayer, whether it is in Peter, being a denier, whether it is in Matthew being a tax collector, Thomas being the doubter.  All those different things that we go though from time to time are found in the apostles and it makes them very, very human and yet through grace they have become the first witnesses of the Good News, the foundation stones of the Church.

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