Sit On My Right and My Left

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Run Time: 10:56. Gospel: Mk 10:35-45.

You have to think of the exasperation of Jesus, having just laid out for them the prediction of His passion, and then they come with this. That’s got to be one of those hand on the face moments, maybe eyes raised to the Father. “You sure these were the twelve I was supposed to pick?”

They didn’t hear a word of it. They were too concerned with themselves. And so they begin their reflection upon the kingdom of God with “What do I want?” “O Jesus, we have these needs.” “O Jesus, my life is such that I think it would be best if you arranged the kingdom of God accordingly.” And it is – and we can snicker at it when we look at it in plain relief – but it is so common. We all do it. We all approach the Gospels first at least with some tinge of ‘well this should be good for me.’ Beginning from where I am and then trying to work Jesus into the picture. Even when I was in seminary there was a number of theology courses, courses on the Trinity, and on Revelation, on the Person of Jesus Christ, that sought to begin from human experience, and then we’ll work around to God. If you stick around for the whole semester He’ll get in here somewhere.

And it is important to reflect, to know – to know my own life well, for you to know your life well and to reflect well upon it. But to reflect within the light and the wisdom of God. After all He was here first. He was the one who made the first move. My life didn’t come into being in light of what I wanted, or the way I thought things ought to be arranged. But that God first gave the spark of life.