Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King


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Run Time: 0:09:56. Gospel: Jn 18:33b-37.

There was another who stood before the powers of this world seemingly defeated. We hear in today’s Gospel, St. John’s account of Jesus’ trial before Pilot. When our Lord stood before Pilot, mocked and beaten, scourged and crowned with thorns – a miserable sight. Standing before the representative of the greatest power the world had ever seen. The power before whom and before which kingdoms fell and faded. Before the great power of Rome Jesus was but a mockery. And yet the Lord Himself foretold the crumbling of that power as had every other power crumbled. As would every power that came after it. Fr. Hellrigel reminded his people that there is but one Prince of Peace. There is but one Lord and Creator of the Universe. And by the light of Him every kingdom will be judged…