Something Must Be Given

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Run Time: 13:22. Gospel: Mk 12:38-44.

It’s not about the amount, it’s about the offering, and that’s the difference. These others who came into the treasury made a contribution and maybe have done more to light the lamps of the temple, but she’s made more than a contribution, she’s made a sacrifice. She has made an offering.

What we do… how we spend this life… is a reflection of how we approach this question. We’re told that when we’re baptized, we’re conformed to Jesus as Priest, Prophet, and King. St. Peter says that God has made of us a priestly people. A people for offering, for sacrifice. And all the stuff that comes in between is indeed something, but the sacrifice that God most desires is our very selves. Is my very life and yours, lived out each in our own state of life…