God Is Indeed Among Us

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Run Time: 0:6:24. Gospel: Mt 2:1-12.

…that all of the feasts we celebrate, the whole of the liturgical year, is about more than just calling these events to mind, about remembering things that happened thousands of years ago, in places that most of us will never see. It is about calling us to be witnesses and participants in those very mysteries. It is about telling the account, not just of the life of this select few in a little corner of the world, but of the account of the redemption of all of us and of the mysteries around which our lives revolve. There are so many who did not know and who had not seen the signs of His birth and yet already were drawn in to this mystery, drawn into this account – this story of God Who came among us as this little child … My life and yours is fundamentally about that same thing. This is the difference, I think, between how we see the world and how the world around us sees itself – and what we have to announce to that world: it’s that there is a truth of your life and of mine and of each life brought in Christ Jesus – the truth of a life born of the redemption which He brought for us, the truth of a life breathed into each of us for the sake of life with Him.