Diocesan Pastoral Plan – Central Deanery Meeting

These audio files were recorded at the January 28th Central Deanery meeting on the Diocesan Pastoral Plan. These files were not edited for content, only divided into tracks so that they could be uploaded to St. Mary’s server. They are being made available to the general public because of the number of requests for copies. Total recording time is approximately 2 hours.

Charting the Course: A Future of Hope for the Diocese of Kalamazoo

The Questions to Ponder that Deacon Lucas mentioned (including the one he didn’t read) are listed below.

  1. Through your Baptism, you were brought into the One Body of Christ – the Church.
    What is your lived experience as a member of the Body of Christ … the Universal Church (the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church) led by Pope Francis … the local Church (the diocese) led by Bishop Bradley … and your parish, led by your pastor?
  2. Each member of the One Body of Christ has been given the task of building up the Church.
    What is the role God has given you to fulfill in edifying (building up) the Church (universal, local, and in your parish)?
  3. The unity we experience in the Church is supposed to be like the unity each of us experience in our own bodies.
    How can every one of us – lay people, religious, deacons, priests, and our bishop – work together to grow unity in the One Body of Christ – the Church?

Please consider attending the deanery meeting closest to you, below is the available schedule of meetings (Click on the image to enlarge).

Schedule of deanery meetings