The Glory of God

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Run Time: 0:11:05. Gospel: Lk 9:28b-36

When Peter and James and John are stunned by this appearance of Jesus in His glory with Moses and Elijah, they want to hang on to it and Peter says, “Lord, its good we are here. Let’s build three tents so that we might stay here and everything will be glorious and beautiful.” But Jesus brings them down from the mountain because there is the cross yet to be had. To be carried and to be born.

We, like Peter, need to learn to see with the eyes of faith. To behold His glory when the world doesn’t see it. Because there is the glory and grace at work in loving the unlovable, in serving the ungrateful and forgiving the unforgivable. This is the strange thing about being a Christian, because we serve a King who reigns from a cross. We serve a Master who came, not to be served, but to serve. To give His life in ransom for many. Because we are called to live in imitation of One Who loved us while we were still in sin, and gave His life for us while we were still far from Him.