The Idea of God

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Run Time: 0:10:19. Gospel: Lk 13:1-9.

But there is also suffering in this world because we live in a broken world. There is sorrow in this world because we live in a world that strays from God. If my notion of God is the-Giver-of-comeuppance, ‘It’s alright that bad things happen in this world because eventually God’s gonna get even, and then it’ll be ok.’ I have a twisted idea of God and I will not find a father in heaven.

If – if I fear, ‘Well, I know I ought to do this and I ought to behave myself, but I don’t wanna, and it’s probably gonna cost me.’ If I fear that, ‘I know I ought to behave but, I think those people who don’t are probably getting by with something and probably getting the better part of the deal.’ That to live in virtue is in some way to ‘sell off my happiness’ and that those who live in vice ‘get to have the real fun.’ I have missed something of God and all the work towards conversion in the world will not bring me to God because I’m aiming at the wrong mark, the wrong target.