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Run Time: 10:35. Gospel: Lk 7:11-17.

And on the day of his (Paulo’s) death, they sent a messenger to St. Philip asking him to come immediately. When the messenger arrived at the church of St. Jerome, where St. Philip was living at the time, he found him offering Mass and so couldn’t interrupt him. After Mass, the messenger found St. Philip in the sacristy and gave him the message and he went right away. And found the boy already passed and the parents were bathing the boy and preparing him. And St. Philip came into the room in an image that recalls the prayer of Elijah – laid himself over the boy and then he sat up and he cried aloud to God and he called to Paulo three times by name, and washed his face with holy water and placed some on his lips and again called to him – and the boy’s eyes opened…