God Made Us for Community

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Run Time: 0:13:29. 1st Reading: 2 Sm 12:7-10, 13.

I knew two of the men who were killed this week. They were very active at St. Thomas More Parish … and they were both men who spent a great deal of time concerned about the suffering of others. A great deal of time concerned about the sorrows and hardships that came to others. As a matter – yes of justice – but also of compassion, and chose to give of their time and of their efforts and to take upon themselves some measure of another’s suffering. You see there is another way that this comes about, that good men suffer for the sake of the choices of others. If this were not a possibility there would be no compassion. There would be no such self-sacrificing love. That God permits this horrible thing for the fact that there might be this incredible and beautiful thing.