On the Dishonest Steward and Gifts

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Run Time: 0:14:13. Gospel: Lk 16:1-13.

But I think spiritually we do better to take it at face value. To take it at it’s plain meaning when Jesus says, ‘the Master commended that dishonest steward.’ To take it at it’s plain meaning that he has traded on what is not his – and see what there is to be learned from this parable. The first thing we see is that the steward recognizes the difficulty of his situation. He doesn’t say, ‘Well I’m fine now … I’ve got a couple of weeks to go before I’ve ended my stewardship. I’ll worry about it then.’ He acts, and he acts directly and promptly. He sees his deed. Not to say, ‘Well, I’ll have to give an account sometime down the road and that’s when I’ll worry about it.’ But to see that he has the opportunity today, to tend to that account down the road. If only we were like that.