Jesus, the Perfect Offering


Epistle: Heb 9: 11-15.
Gospel: Jn 8: 46-59.

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Run Time: approximately 3 minutes.


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Run Time: approximately 8 and a half minutes.

St. Paul says … that it was rather that [Jesus] emptied Himself and was humbled to accept even death, death on the cross – and because of this He is highly exalted in God, and given a name above every other name.

In our meditation upon the cross of Christ that begins this week, that brings us to His triumphal entry in Jerusalem, to the exaltation of the crowds, and to the sorrow and tragedy of His passion, that brings us to the feet of the cross, and in that surrender of His very life – the victory over sin and death. We rejoice that it is the very offering of God that is made on our behalf to the infinite God…