Little Things

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Run Time: approximately 9 minutes. Gospel: Mk 4: 26-34.

…And so this image, particularly of the mustard seed and the plant that grows from it. There’s a bit of irony in this that I think is lost. We hear this and think, ‘Oh yes! Mustard seed. Little tiny – ah – speck that grows into this big tree. And What’s a mustard three look like?’ There is no such thing as a mustard tree. If you’ve done any farming you know what mustard looks like, and you’ve shaken your fists at it. If you’ve done any gardening you know its a fairly invasive plant. And still if you go to Galilee today in the hillsides around the sea of Galilee there are fields and fields with this tiny, little yellow flowers that come out of this bramble. That’s the mustard plant. And a little bit of it can choke out a whole field very quickly. A little bit of it spreads like wild fire. An indiscernible amount and once its in, try to get it out.
…That little bit; not of the mighty things – not of the great and weighty things, but beginning in the little, little things of life. Where the Word of God is sown it spreads, and begins to color the whole field of our life.