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To Know The Mother

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Run Time: approximately 7 minutes. Gospel: Lk 2:16-21.

To know the mother is to learn much of the Child. To see the mother is to see the measure of God’s love. That He consented to be carried and to be born, to be nursed and to be nurtured. To be taught. To be safe guarded. On this feast of Mary, Mother of God, we rejoice in her who is the sign of God’s own love, and of the humility to which He stooped to come into the world as our Savior.

Baptism: Gift of Divine Life

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Run Time: 10:48. Gospel: Lk 3:15-16, 21-22.

You see Jesus came not just to teach us all to behave well – hopefully we do learn that. Not just to make us nice to one another, but to make us a new creation. That the very life of God should dwell in you and me and we should show it. So, yes, there is a way to live carrying this gift of God, this gift of Divine Life within us, but it begins with the gift. It begins in baptism.

God Is Indeed Among Us

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Run Time: 0:6:24. Gospel: Mt 2:1-12.

…that all of the feasts we celebrate, the whole of the liturgical year, is about more than just calling these events to mind, about remembering things that happened thousands of years ago, in places that most of us will never see. It is about calling us to be witnesses and participants in those very mysteries. It is about telling the account, not just of the life of this select few in a little corner of the world, but of the account of the redemption of all of us and of the mysteries around which our lives revolve. There are so many who did not know and who had not seen the signs of His birth and yet already were drawn in to this mystery, drawn into this account – this story of God Who came among us as this little child … My life and yours is fundamentally about that same thing. This is the difference, I think, between how we see the world and how the world around us sees itself – and what we have to announce to that world: it’s that there is a truth of your life and of mine and of each life brought in Christ Jesus – the truth of a life born of the redemption which He brought for us, the truth of a life breathed into each of us for the sake of life with Him.

Video: What’s Different About This Birthday?

There’s a story behind this video – Fr. James Richardson told a little bird to make sure the camera crew videoed the Children’s Mass Christmas Eve. No hint as to why. Our usual photographer was out of town (and it shows), but a last second substitute with an iPhone was found while the video editor took the camcorder to the choir loft (forgetting the tripod at home), assuming the reason Father wanted the Mass filmed had something to do with music. The music was wonderful, but that wasn’t even remotely the reason – watch and you’ll see.

Pascal Mystery Revealed

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Run Time: 08:55.  Gospel: Mk 1:7-11.

Pope Francis, in his ‘Joy of the Gospel’ wrote:

‘Jesus’ whole life, His way of dealing with the poor, His actions, His integrity, His simple, daily acts of generosity, and finally, His complete self-giving is precious and reveals the mystery of His divine life.’

Jesus is our model.  He transforms suffering and death into life, and we are called to be instruments of the same.

Searching For Christ

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Run Time: 08:32.  Gospel: Mt 2:1-12.

Today, as we celebrate the Epiphany, there are many other images that we could contemplate in light of – not only Gospel and the Nativity scene, but ways to practically think about our faith.  We could imagine the image of the star guiding the wise men.  That steady and silent witness to Christ.  A gentle, but clear and attractive invitation to follow after Him.  So many people in the world today are seeking fulfillment where they can’t find it:  money, pleasure, power, merely human relationships, earthly hopes, all of those things fade away.  But we are to be like the star, are we not?  To be that beacon of hope, by the way we live our lives.  To be that beacon – like a lighthouse (another example) of that lasting and eternal Kingdom.  The Kingdom of Christ that will infuse all those hopes and relationships with meaning and power.  The way in which we live, that which we contemplate at the stable, should over time … make us more and more into the image of Christ, to reflect Him to those around us.

Faith is Our Greatest Treasure

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Run Time: 09:42.  Gospel: Lk 2:22-40.

…Our faith is like that pearl necklace.  It is our most valuable possession because it gives meaning and direction to our lives, but when we don’t put it into practice it loses its luster.  When we don’t use it, when we don’t develop it, when we just keep it on the shelf and bring it out at Christmas and Easter it loses its vitality and would become dull.