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A Christian church festival that celebrates the return of Jesus Christ to life following his death; also : the Sunday in early spring on which this festival is observed.

Origin of EASTER
Middle English ‘estre’, from Old English ‘ēastre’; akin to Old High German ‘ōstarun’ (plural) Easter, Old English ‘ēast’ east.
First Known Use: before 12th century

The Hand of God at Work

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Run Time: approximately 11 minutes.

Gospel: Lk 24:13-35.

The day that these disciples go out is the day of the resurrection, that Easter day. Although they are not fully aware of it. They go out still seeing only the cross and not comprehending what has been told to them. They’ve gotten the news of the empty tomb, they say as much to Jesus … but they still don’t quite see it. All they see is the suffering and the pain and the defeat of the cross. They do not yet see the resurrection. And so they go out from the very place of grace – from Jerusalem … because all they see there is suffering and sorrow and hardship. They don’t see the hand of God at work.

On Palm Sunday, just a couple of weeks ago, in Egypt. Several Christian churches were attacked by bombers and gunmen killing dozens of Christians and maiming scores more as they gathered to begin the most solemn week of the Christian year. And the pictures that came to us of the blood strewn pews, the defaced churches, were shaking indeed. But what has happened since is all the more remarkable. Where the onlookers saw devastation, where the witness of the world was to the horrors of humanity and the atrocities we visit upon each other. The Christians of that place saw the cross of Christ and rejoiced. They responded in forgiveness, and in more energetic proclamation of the Gospel and of Christ risen from the dead. They did not just see the broken buildings and lost lives. They saw in the blood of Christians sharing in the blood of Christ the hand of God at work. What an incredible thing.

Blessed Are You

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Run Time: approximately 11 minutes.

Gospel: Jn 20:19-31.

Thomas is very practical about this business. And he says, ‘Well, unless I can see the mark of the nails and put my finger in them. Put my hand in the wound in His side – I will not believe.’ And for this we call him ‘Doubting Thomas’ and there is something well-earned to that reputation. Jesus says to him later, ‘Blessed are you who have seen and believed, blessed still are those who have not seen but believe.’ Who take on the word of testimony of those eyewitnesses our faith in the risen Christ. But I think there is something too that Thomas understands – if this is so there will be consequences. If this is true we can’t go back to the way it was, and the way that we were. That my life must change – if indeed He has risen from the dead.

Ascension – Not a Going Away Party

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Run Time: 09:14. Gospel: Lk 24:46-53.

There is certainly an otherness to heaven – there is something of the heavenly existence and that full communion of God that we still await. But we ought not think of it as a place wholly removed, or as something wholly distant and unreachable. This is the meaning of His coming in the flesh that heaven has condescended to come down to earth, that earth might be lifted up to heaven.

How Do We Best Follow Christ?

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Run Time: 12:28. Gospel: Jn 14:23-29.

They [the apostles] used these things [Roman trade routes and Greek culture] to spread the Gospel, but not without some struggles (and it is a good lesson that not every voice in the church is of the Church – and this shouldn’t rattle us too much. There is always discernment). Of how do we best follow Christ? How do we best persevere in fidelity to what was given to us, to the Gospel that wasn’t my making or yours, but the gift of Jesus Christ to His Church. How do we best live that life of discipleship in imitation of Him? … So as to live fully in His grace?

Love In Action – Cross Catholic Outreach

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Combined Run Time: 20:08.

“We know love by this, that Jesus Christ laid down his life for us – and we ought to lay down our lives for one another. How does God’s love abide in anyone who has the world’s goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses to help? Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.”
(1 John 3:16-18)

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Have You Heard Jesus’ Voice?

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Run Time: 06:06.

Gospel: Jn 10:27-30.

‘There are none so deaf as those who will not hear.’ And so many times I have heard others exclaim – in honest hunger, ‘Show me Jesus!’ Yet Jesus is always about to be seen and heard. If I want to hear Jesus in the quiet of my heart, can you imagine that the business of my life could extinguish that gentle voice? Can you imagine that my anger with the injustice of the world and with wrongs done to me, that it could blind my vision to the ever-present gentle and merciful Jesus? If only we could practice gratitude. If we could practice taking the time when we can really listen.

Do You Love Me

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Run Time: 12:46. Gospel: Jn 21:1-19.

When I was a younger man, pursuing honestly a very different sort of life, there was a girl. Let’s be honest – when I was a boy there was a girl. … There was on my part the willingness even to do things out of the ordinary. To do special things for her sake, but the real deeds of love just weren’t there. That willingness to put aside what I want, to put aside me for the sake of someone else, just wasn’t there. As much as I thought it was, or wanted it to be. When it came to actually making the choices and doing the works, it wasn’t happening. I guess I had some growing up to do, certainly. But also a lot to learn about what it really meant to use that word ‘love’ it its – in a sense deep enough to warrant that ring and a date and a ceremony and everything else that was going to follow. … The realization that, that love has consequences, and that there are choices that follow. If love is real. I’m working on it.

Witnesses to God’s Mercy

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Run Time: 14:10. Gospel: Jn 20:19-31.

This girl Rita, who would become Mary Angelica, found the love of Christ. And when she found it, well there was no way she was going to let it go. In some of the testimonies they talked about her response to God’s call. I think once God first nudged the rest of the time was her chasing Him down. That there was a passion and love in her heart. That she was no reluctant bride being dragged to the altar. She was eager to live as a bride of Christ. And did so as a contemplative Poor Clair. And then at an age when most people are getting ready for … pondering retirement (she was right about 60 when she started the Eternal Word Television Network, an effort to make Christ known by whatever means possible: Little books, and talks on TV, and a television station, and then radio, and the internet). And now throughout the world as a witness again to God’s mercy.
…And what these two have in common, two things in particular. St. John Paul II and Mother Angelica. The first was their witness to redemptive suffering. Both of them suffered greatly…
This is the first thing, the second is so closely related to it and not a surprise for those who, as St. Paul says, ‘in their bodies made up for what was lacking in Christ’s.’ They were witnesses to that gift that Jesus had entrusted to the Church when He said to the Apostles, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them.’ For both of them had a part in the revival of that treasured gift to the Church in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Both of them tirelessly preached the value of confession and the importance of that sacramental forgiveness, which God gives through the Church. They stood both by their own example and by their preaching as witnesses to the mercy of God – not as an idea, not just a concept, but as an encounter as an engagement and a lived reality.

Living Witnesses To The Risen Christ

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Run Time: 06:37. Gospel: Lk 24:1-12.

We gather on this night so that every other day we might be living witnesses to the risen Christ and our lives be a testimony to Him, to His triumph and His glory over death and to the marvelous gift of new life. That we might live, not as before, but as new men and women in Christ. That we might live as those reborn in Him.