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Something’s A Little Off


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Run Time: approximately 2 minutes.

Epistle: Joel 2:12-19; Gospel: Mt 6:16-21


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Run Time: approximately 9 minutes.

We struggle over a bag of M&M’s, that I gave up in the morning and by the afternoon have somehow half disappeared. If this is the hold in my heart, that over little chocolates… or a hamburger, or a simple offering of surrender of comfort. My heart struggles, and strains. We should know that this will not go easy. And that the territory that has been seeded to the enemy will not be given up lightly.

It’s That Time of Year Again

Or click here.  Gospel: Mt 6:1-6, 16-18.

Often when we speak about relationship – we talk about our relationship with God and with neighbor – but this season is slightly different, it is our chance, our opportunity – nay, even our blessing – to take time to deepen that relationship with Jesus Christ. That which will culminate in the celebration of His death and resurrection. Because dear friends if we don’t get that right, if we don’t get that kind of relationship right with God, nothing else can possibly make sense in life – not our relationship to one another, our relationship to our families or to the Church. None of that can make sense …