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Discipleship Development Audio Files

Father’s lectures for the Discipleship Development program will be posted here on the Monday following class. Click on the links below to hear the mp3 file. If you have any problems please contact Rebecca

  1. Existence of God
  2. Creation of the World
  3. Fall of Adam and Eve
  4. Reality of Sin Cancelled
  5. Effects of Sin
  6. Ten Commandments
    • Due to technical problems, there is no recording for this lecture. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  7. Mortal vs Venial
  8. Last Things
  9. Savior promised
  10. Healings of Christ
    • Class was cancelled due to the weather.
  11. House of Bread & Bridegroom
  12. Commands of Christ
  13. Paschal Mystery
  14. Promises of Christ  Cancelled
  15. Early Church
  16. Saints
  17. Grace
  18. Sacraments
  19. Initiation (Born Again)
  20. Priesthood
  21. Marriage
  22. Eucharist / Mass as Sacrifice
  23. Community
  24. Life in Christ