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The Idea of God

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Run Time: 0:10:19. Gospel: Lk 13:1-9.

But there is also suffering in this world because we live in a broken world. There is sorrow in this world because we live in a world that strays from God. If my notion of God is the-Giver-of-comeuppance, ‘It’s alright that bad things happen in this world because eventually God’s gonna get even, and then it’ll be ok.’ I have a twisted idea of God and I will not find a father in heaven.

If – if I fear, ‘Well, I know I ought to do this and I ought to behave myself, but I don’t wanna, and it’s probably gonna cost me.’ If I fear that, ‘I know I ought to behave but, I think those people who don’t are probably getting by with something and probably getting the better part of the deal.’ That to live in virtue is in some way to ‘sell off my happiness’ and that those who live in vice ‘get to have the real fun.’ I have missed something of God and all the work towards conversion in the world will not bring me to God because I’m aiming at the wrong mark, the wrong target.

These Are Those


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That’s the marvel of the saints that… it is, it is a calling that each of us come into this world intended for. Each of us are made for. Someday we’ll have this Mass, and – no, somebody after us will have this Mass, and you and I will be invoked we pray God. Because that perfection, that perfection in Christ’s, it is what He has made us for, it’s why He’s given Himself.
Did you ever hear somebody ‘humbly’ say, “Well I’m no saint!” Well why not? Are you working on it? To be a saint is not to say, “Well I’m fantastic,” or “I’ve somehow achieved perfection,” but that God has poured out His life for me. To be a saint is to be one. Not, “who has become spotless,” but, “made himself spotless.” One who has washed his robes in the Blood of the Lamb. Let’s pray God that we may all be so washed and cleansed. And that, that Blood of the Lamb might make us too… might give us too, some communion in that great company of the blessed.

Life of Discipleship

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Run Time: 12:33. Gospel: Mk 10:46-52.

Jesus said, “Go your way.” Now Bartimaeus may have said, “Well, I’ve been blind all these years, my way is about the one block of this village that I know by heart.” And he makes the path of the Lord his way. He makes the path of Jesus his path. And he follows him with that confidence again, with that determination to live a changed life to live a life of discipleship, to live the discipline of a follower of Jesus Christ. There again, if we are truly converted (or we might say, truly converting – it is a lifelong process that directs us towards Him), that the encounter with Jesus bears fruit in a longing for Him. That the turning towards the Lord grows in a conviction to follow Him ever more fully and more faithfully this path of the Lord. This receiving of His grace, His very Life, turns us into other Christs so that departing from Him is unimaginable. This is what it means to have known the saving work of God within us. That in my loneliness I call out to the Lord. In His glory He invites me and as His beloved son or daughter might follow Him and with Him have Life.

Powerful Witnesses

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Run Time: 13:28.
Gospel: Mk 9:38-43, 45, 47-48.

How quickly the enemy creeps in and does his work of division. If another shows up to do what I thought was my thing, to do my part, surely there is another part to take up. There is plenty of work to go around. There is plenty of opportunity to be witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and announce His saving work. How many? … How many are skittish about the Church because of what they see in Catholics, or in Christians? How much we struggle to get along with each other? Although there is a great rebuttal … Someone asked [G. K, Chesterton] once, “[If] Christianity is supposed to help you grow in charity, how come you’re such a miserable person?” And he said, “Well imagine what I would be if I weren’t a Christian.”

It’s That Time of Year Again

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Often when we speak about relationship – we talk about our relationship with God and with neighbor – but this season is slightly different, it is our chance, our opportunity – nay, even our blessing – to take time to deepen that relationship with Jesus Christ. That which will culminate in the celebration of His death and resurrection. Because dear friends if we don’t get that right, if we don’t get that kind of relationship right with God, nothing else can possibly make sense in life – not our relationship to one another, our relationship to our families or to the Church. None of that can make sense …