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The Hand of God at Work

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Run Time: approximately 11 minutes.

Gospel: Lk 24:13-35.

The day that these disciples go out is the day of the resurrection, that Easter day. Although they are not fully aware of it. They go out still seeing only the cross and not comprehending what has been told to them. They’ve gotten the news of the empty tomb, they say as much to Jesus … but they still don’t quite see it. All they see is the suffering and the pain and the defeat of the cross. They do not yet see the resurrection. And so they go out from the very place of grace – from Jerusalem … because all they see there is suffering and sorrow and hardship. They don’t see the hand of God at work.

On Palm Sunday, just a couple of weeks ago, in Egypt. Several Christian churches were attacked by bombers and gunmen killing dozens of Christians and maiming scores more as they gathered to begin the most solemn week of the Christian year. And the pictures that came to us of the blood strewn pews, the defaced churches, were shaking indeed. But what has happened since is all the more remarkable. Where the onlookers saw devastation, where the witness of the world was to the horrors of humanity and the atrocities we visit upon each other. The Christians of that place saw the cross of Christ and rejoiced. They responded in forgiveness, and in more energetic proclamation of the Gospel and of Christ risen from the dead. They did not just see the broken buildings and lost lives. They saw in the blood of Christians sharing in the blood of Christ the hand of God at work. What an incredible thing.