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Lord, If You Had Been Here


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Run Time: approximately 5 minutes.

Gospel: Jn 11:1-45.


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Run Time: approximately 17 minutes.

“I think in any suffering the lesson of the trust in God’s Providence and God’s timing, to accept that this may have come to me for some greater purpose. That God may have something more at work in this, even if only… if only to call me to a deeper appreciation and dependence upon His providential care.”

A Sure Remedy

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Run Time: approximately 6 minutes.

Gospel: Jn 1:29-34.

I apologize for the audio problems which are ongoing from last week, but it is still possible to understand the Deacon as he explains what the cause for the spiritual aliments that beset us is and what their surest remedy is-

“We were made and designed for life. We Christians understand that [this desire] is for eternal life. Yet in the business of life we sometimes only live a shadow of a life.”

God’s Answer

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Run Time: 03:35.  Gospel: Mk 9:2-10.

Throughout all of human history mankind has sought answers to pressing questions that simmer in the depths of our hearts: ‘Why are we here? Who am I? How can we find happiness? Why is there suffering and evil in the world?’ Often, as attested to by the great literature of the world, we have addressed these questions directly to God. Sometimes it may seem though that God has not responded, but in fact He has. And His response is an amazing one – it is surprising one – it is not a thing, but rather His response is a living person. Not a formula, or a philosophy, or a way of life, but in the person of His Son – God become man…

Pascal Mystery Revealed

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Run Time: 08:55.  Gospel: Mk 1:7-11.

Pope Francis, in his ‘Joy of the Gospel’ wrote:

‘Jesus’ whole life, His way of dealing with the poor, His actions, His integrity, His simple, daily acts of generosity, and finally, His complete self-giving is precious and reveals the mystery of His divine life.’

Jesus is our model.  He transforms suffering and death into life, and we are called to be instruments of the same.

Purgatory, What Is It?

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Run Time: 10:20.  Gospel: Jn 6:37-40.

We all know that there is no selfishness in heaven.  Simply can’t exist there, because God is pure love, and purely unselfish.  But we also know that not all of us, not even all good Christians died completely freed of this attachment to sin, this selfishness.  Therefore, some of us die with selfish habits and self-centered attitudes still clinging to us – although we are forgiven of our sins.  This removal of these habits, of this dirt, if you will, this cleaning process is known as purgatory.

The Trophy of the Defeat of Death

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Run Time: 7:09.  Gospel: Jn 3:13-17.

I remember a picture I once saw of a drawing in the catacombs.  It was an early representation of Jesus.  He was carrying a cross.  But it was not the ponderous 10 foot long beam that, bent over, he dragged down the ‘Via Dolorosa‘.  It was a small cross slung over His shoulder with Jesus marching strong and erect.  This was not the cross of suffering.  Jesus was carrying His trophy, the symbol of His victory over death.  Can we appreciate the magnitude of that victory?  The honor given to that trophy?