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These Are Those


Or click here.Run Time: 15:47. Gospel: Mt 5:1-12a.

That’s the marvel of the saints that… it is, it is a calling that each of us come into this world intended for. Each of us are made for. Someday we’ll have this Mass, and – no, somebody after us will have this Mass, and you and I will be invoked we pray God. Because that perfection, that perfection in Christ’s, it is what He has made us for, it’s why He’s given Himself.
Did you ever hear somebody ‘humbly’ say, “Well I’m no saint!” Well why not? Are you working on it? To be a saint is not to say, “Well I’m fantastic,” or “I’ve somehow achieved perfection,” but that God has poured out His life for me. To be a saint is to be one. Not, “who has become spotless,” but, “made himself spotless.” One who has washed his robes in the Blood of the Lamb. Let’s pray God that we may all be so washed and cleansed. And that, that Blood of the Lamb might make us too… might give us too, some communion in that great company of the blessed.