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Humility, Key to Greatness

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Run Time: 15:44. Gospel: Lk 14:1, 7-14.

That’s the key, you see. That virtue of humility and that contention with the vice of pride. In a way in the spiritual life there is, there’s no undoing that doesn’t have its root in pride – ‘me and mine’, ‘what is due to me’, ‘what do I claim a right to.’ And there is no virtue – no goodness, no holiness, that does not depend upon humility: the recognition or gratitude of the gratuitous gift of God. And most especially of His freely given and unmerited work of salvation. His invitation to the wedding banquet of heaven.

If We Wish To Be Holy We Ought First To Be Good

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Gospel: Lk 3:10-18.

…we see in John’s answer for those who come for the baptism of repentance that old theological maxim: That grace builds upon nature. If we wish to be holy we ought first to be good. If we wish to draw close to God, we ought first to put off the works of evil and of selfishness.

Preparation is Necessary

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Run Time: 10:57.  Gospel: Mk 1:1-8.

…to enjoy the fullness of receiving the Gift.

All of the preparation that goes into anything, prepares our hearts to receiving the gift. That which we are preparing, that which we are making ready, are our hearts to receive God’s grace at Christmas. God has not forgotten about us, and He never will – how could He? And this is the source of our comfort and courage this year. He wants to come to us, He will come to us on Christmas morning with fresh blessings, grace and joy and peace…