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There’s More to It

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Run Time: approximately 11 minutes. Reading 2: 1 Cor 7:32-35.

Pray for your priests. It is a beautiful life. It is a sacrifice worth making. But know as surely that I need your prayers as you are guaranteed mine. And that together, we stand as a sign for each other. To direct our thoughts and our works toward those of God and His will, toward that reward in His grace, which this world cannot give.

The Purpose of Suffering

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Run Time: approximately 13 and a half minutes. Gospel: Mt 16:21-27.

… can we speak of the meaning and the purpose and the truth of suffering in this world? I think any proposed gospel that sort of dances around suffering is worse than useless – and it is not of Christ.

That One Thing

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Run Time: 11:56. Gospel: Mk 10:17-30.

The one consistent theme [of CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce] is: that thing which I will not give to God – no matter how big or how small – may become that thing that keeps me from Him. …
That one thing can become that one thing that is lacking because God does not want just that we should follow the rules. The rules are good, and particularly from the very natural and basic level of the Ten Commandments on, because they lead us to understand God and His creation.
… God is not after just a tally sheet: has she kept the rules, has he been basically good. He’s after us. You and me. This is the radical thing of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That God wants to draw us into His own life, and have that life, which we receive in Baptism and experience in the grace of the sacraments, that life which is shared and spread in the works of mercy and generosity and kindness; that life of God that is meant to be poured out into the world. That’s what God wants for you and for me.

Eucharist: Proof of God’s Desire for Us

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Gospel: Jn 6:41-51.

Christianity, Catholicism, is not a list of do’s and don’ts. Truly that’s part of who we are, but Christianity is more than doing certain things and abstaining from other things; it is about God’s active desire to lead every person to the fullness of life that they yearn for. Everything that Christ taught and did – everything that the Church teaches and does – is directed towards that goal.

Our Idea of God

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Run Time: 10:01.  Gospel: Lk 2:1-14.

We are surrounded by this distorted idea of God – all around us.  And unless we put a good filter in place, these distorted ideas will seep into our minds and interfere with our relationship with God.  The one relationship that makes or breaks our happiness.  And this filter comes from taking an initiative to fill our minds with the robust and vibrant right ideas about God.  And when we do so we become like lights in the darkness, just like the candles we see burning at Mass.

Behold the Lamb!

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Run Time: 10:59.  Gospel: Jn 1:29-34.

The human race was created to live in communion with God, in whom alone we find happiness.  This is the root of our deepest desires, it is the fundamental purpose of our life.  And it is the reason why nothing else in the world can satisfy us as that relationship with Christ.

We are twice [Christ’s] in the order of creation, and then in the order of grace.