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If We Wish To Be Holy We Ought First To Be Good

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Gospel: Lk 3:10-18.

…we see in John’s answer for those who come for the baptism of repentance that old theological maxim: That grace builds upon nature. If we wish to be holy we ought first to be good. If we wish to draw close to God, we ought first to put off the works of evil and of selfishness.

Pascal Mystery Revealed

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Run Time: 08:55.  Gospel: Mk 1:7-11.

Pope Francis, in his ‘Joy of the Gospel’ wrote:

‘Jesus’ whole life, His way of dealing with the poor, His actions, His integrity, His simple, daily acts of generosity, and finally, His complete self-giving is precious and reveals the mystery of His divine life.’

Jesus is our model.  He transforms suffering and death into life, and we are called to be instruments of the same.

Preparation is Necessary

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Run Time: 10:57.  Gospel: Mk 1:1-8.

…to enjoy the fullness of receiving the Gift.

All of the preparation that goes into anything, prepares our hearts to receiving the gift. That which we are preparing, that which we are making ready, are our hearts to receive God’s grace at Christmas. God has not forgotten about us, and He never will – how could He? And this is the source of our comfort and courage this year. He wants to come to us, He will come to us on Christmas morning with fresh blessings, grace and joy and peace…

Love as God Loves

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Run Time: 0:14:36.  Gospel: Mt 14:13-21.

 This is not an esoteric idea – or a fond wish. In John’s gospel it becomes a command. In the context of the washing of the feet and the institution of the priesthood and the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper – John 15th chapter. ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’ As I have loved you. This is how they, the world, will know that you are my disciples. By your love for one another. And so the question becomes, then, what is it that holds us back from fulfilling this commandment. Fear. Fear. We are afraid that if we give ourselves to others, our time, talent, treasure, attention, help, comfort, … we are afraid that if we give what we have we won’t have enough left over for ourselves. But today … fear has been obliterated. Our Lord took five barley loaves and two fishes – not even enough really to feed Himself, let alone His apostles, He blest and broke them (prefigurement of the Eucharist) and there was not only enough to feed all of those people, but also His disciples … in the end there were 12 baskets left over, much more than they even started with at the beginning.

Behold the Lamb!

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Run Time: 10:59.  Gospel: Jn 1:29-34.

The human race was created to live in communion with God, in whom alone we find happiness.  This is the root of our deepest desires, it is the fundamental purpose of our life.  And it is the reason why nothing else in the world can satisfy us as that relationship with Christ.

We are twice [Christ’s] in the order of creation, and then in the order of grace.