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The Better Part of the Deal

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Run Time: approximately 10 minutes. Gospel: Mt 20:1-16a.

In our hearts we still … have that inclination that secretly that those who are, to use the … imagery of this parable, that those who are out in the square not working are getting the better part of the deal. That those who are not at work in the Father’s vineyard somehow are getting by with something. Even in regard to sin – we may profess “well I know this is a sin,” we don’t, we don’t put that in our hearts. This is a turning from God and from my true purpose and meaning in life. And instead sometimes we sort of look and grumble as though they’re getting the better part of the deal and maybe I ought to get in on that.

Preparatory Sundays

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Run Time: approximately 9 and a half minutes.

Gospel: Mt 20: 1-16 (The Parable of the Vineyard)

We tend to think of the life of grace like that at times. To suppose ‘well there are the rules, and if you don’t play by the rules you shouldn’t get the reward.’ In a sense because – I think we look at it as though: “if I obey the law of God, I have surrendered something that probably would have made me happy and I would have enjoyed doing. We have to give up all the fun stuff to be good and be holy. And so those people who didn’t give up the fun stuff and got away with something shouldn’t get the reward. While the rest of us have suffered and shouldn’t the world all know about it.”