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An Inexplicable Mystery

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Combined run time: 08:44. Gospel: Jn 16:12-15.

When we come to Trinity Sunday we’re faced square on with a mystery that is – inexplicable on the face of it. You and I will never fully understand the Holy Trinity, and yet it is, from our birth, our call to live in union with this one God in three Persons. It is the work of holiness and of grace to enter in that life of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is our eternal destiny, our heavenly reward, to be drawn into the very life of God.

Faith is a Gift from God

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Run Time: 10:02.  Gospel: Mt 13:24-43.

Today we had a special guest, Fr. Stanley Witeck preach the homily.

In today’s Gospel we have those three parables.  And Jesus is revealing that in this world we are invited to come to Him, but at the same time the devil is the enemy that is coming, as Scriptures says, at night.  Means when we are tired, when we are sleeping, when we do not give 100% attention, otherwise we would not let the devil come even close.  But he’s coming when we are most vulnerable.  When we are week, like the serpent in the garden … and so he is putting this bad seed, that weeds, into our souls and spirit.  And we feel that, our life is not as perfect.  And we feel also, as Christians, that being in this world our prayer is not as perfect.  Sometimes we come to church, or come to our prayer.  We do not know what to say.  We do not know how to pray.  We do not know how to lift our hearts to God.  But then St. Paul says in our second reading, ‘Look, it’s a gift from God.  It’s the Holy Spirit.  Given to everyone who believes in Jesus.  That’s the gift of the Father.  The gift of the Son.’  And then the Spirit of God – in our hearts – is saying the right prayer.  It’s the Spirit of God, the spirit of holiness, researching our hearts and knows us.  Is taking what is the best in us, the desire of our hearts, for God, for holiness, for righteousness, for love, and with the Spirit of God presenting to God – saying the right words.  Making the prayer right.  And that is for us a great comfort.

God Lives Amongst Us

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Run Time: 10:36.  Gospel: Jn 6:51-58.

This mind boggling mystery in its utter simplicity, that God says something and it happens, reveals to us how much Jesus loves us.  It is that prolongation of God’s presence in the world that demonstrates to us His care, concern and love for us.  The fact that He loves us so much that He wants His own life to flow through our veins.  To accompany us always and everywhere until we see Him unveiled, truly in His body in heaven.  But for the time being He is present to us in this mystery, no less real, than what we will participate in, in eternity.  And so it is then, this incomprehensible, apparently contradictory, mystery.  That the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy that the Savoir would be called Emanuel … which means “God is with us”, has come to fulfillment.  That though we have sinned, Christ still loves us so much that He will not abandon us.  He lives amongst us even now. … No longer in sign and symbol, but in reality – God lives amongst us.  He stays with us, He walks with us to share and redeem and give meaning to every detail of our lives.  That is the example of love.

Knowing God From The Inside

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Run Time: 7:14.  Gospel: Jn 3:16-18.

God, through His only begotten Son, has offered us this kind of friendship with Him – something unheard of in the other religions of the world.  That, for us, religion is not just – in fact, the practice of the faith is not just a mere external formality, but it is an intimate and personal relationship with God.  As Christ says in the Gospel as well – we worship in spirit and in truth.  We no longer, like the Samaritans in the parable, worship what we do not understand.  We worship what we understand and we do that in spirit and in truth.
And so today, as we profess our faith in God, the God who has loved us so deeply that He gave us His Son.  It’s good for us to pause and to thank Him for this truly incredible gift.  And we have reason to pause in another way as well – we just finished this week our novena to St Anthony.  And the many graces that even now He has poured out upon us, make me stop and pause and have a grateful heart.  But, the challenge is this: so often we can take gifts for granted.

And so today serves us as that reminder not to take the gift of friendship with God for granted, but each and every time we pray.  Each and every time we make the sign of the cross, we say “in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,” that should serve as our frequent reminder about this commitment.  This commitment that we have to God and God has to us.  This life of divine adoption, this life of divine friendship, which all of us have received.  Grace upon grace.  So that we might inherit eternal life, and live with God – forever.