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A Sure Remedy

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Run Time: approximately 6 minutes.

Gospel: Jn 1:29-34.

I apologize for the audio problems which are ongoing from last week, but it is still possible to understand the Deacon as he explains what the cause for the spiritual aliments that beset us is and what their surest remedy is-

“We were made and designed for life. We Christians understand that [this desire] is for eternal life. Yet in the business of life we sometimes only live a shadow of a life.”

The Cross – The Christian Sign

(c)2016 St. Mary's, Kalamazoo

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Run Time: 11 minutes.     Reading 2: Gal 6:14-18.

I don’t know that we think about that so often: That all of the Sacraments, one way or another, draw from the font of grace that is opened at the cross. Baptism that gives new life, born in the waters that flowed forth from His wounded side with His Precious blood. To the sacrament of Confession, where the sins are forgiven and washed away by the power of His cross. Most especially to this Holy Eucharist. Which we ought to remember is that same offering, made to God the Father, in the name of our Lord. It is the same offering of His cross, made present here and now that happened once for all, upon that hill of Calvary. That’s why we’ve begun again to turn together towards the Lord, to show more clearly and more fully, this offering that is made by priestly hands in the name of Christ the high priest. The offering of His cross for the forgiveness of your sins and mine – and the offering of His Body and Blood, pierced for love of us. That is our boast. Not just our acceptance. Not just, ‘well I guess that’s part of the deal.’ It is the boast, that each marriage, each career, each life lived in Christ is in imitation of His cross, and it is in the cross that that life takes meaning and has hope. It is our boast in the cross of our Lord, Jesus Christ. That death and sin have been conquered. That my own ego and will have been conquered. It’s selfish “me” has been crucified, and Christ now lives in me. This is our boast. That the powers of this world have no dominion anymore. And that the power of Christ and the life given through Him is now my inheritance.

Baptism: Gift of Divine Life

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Run Time: 10:48. Gospel: Lk 3:15-16, 21-22.

You see Jesus came not just to teach us all to behave well – hopefully we do learn that. Not just to make us nice to one another, but to make us a new creation. That the very life of God should dwell in you and me and we should show it. So, yes, there is a way to live carrying this gift of God, this gift of Divine Life within us, but it begins with the gift. It begins in baptism.

These Are Those


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That’s the marvel of the saints that… it is, it is a calling that each of us come into this world intended for. Each of us are made for. Someday we’ll have this Mass, and – no, somebody after us will have this Mass, and you and I will be invoked we pray God. Because that perfection, that perfection in Christ’s, it is what He has made us for, it’s why He’s given Himself.
Did you ever hear somebody ‘humbly’ say, “Well I’m no saint!” Well why not? Are you working on it? To be a saint is not to say, “Well I’m fantastic,” or “I’ve somehow achieved perfection,” but that God has poured out His life for me. To be a saint is to be one. Not, “who has become spotless,” but, “made himself spotless.” One who has washed his robes in the Blood of the Lamb. Let’s pray God that we may all be so washed and cleansed. And that, that Blood of the Lamb might make us too… might give us too, some communion in that great company of the blessed.

State of the Parish

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Run Time: 20:32.

This weekend … I am sharing the annual statistics report – both for our spiritual wellbeing and for our financial wellbeing.

The Polish dinner mentioned is the 2nd Annual Polish Feast on August 24 beginning at 1pm.  If you are interest in joining us, tickets are $35 each, $40 at the door.  Please follow the link for further information.

As we look at all of these things, I can’t help but be grateful for what we have been able to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time – in two years and several weeks we have begun to turn things around.  While things are looking better … the good news is that we are able for the first time in quite a while to be able to pay our bills, that things are beginning to look up for us, that we have just cause to be proud of our work, that we have just cause to be grateful for our work, and we have reason to rejoice that God has been so generous to us…

This is My beloved Son: God Reveals Himself in Baptism

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Run Time: 9:43.  Gospel: Mt 3:13-17

The mission of our entire lives is to live, act, and love like Jesus.  …  It was through baptism that Jesus was anointed, began His ministry.  It is through our own baptism that we are united to Jesus’ mission.