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The Purpose of Suffering

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Run Time: approximately 13 and a half minutes. Gospel: Mt 16:21-27.

… can we speak of the meaning and the purpose and the truth of suffering in this world? I think any proposed gospel that sort of dances around suffering is worse than useless – and it is not of Christ.

Peter, Guarantor of Unity

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Run Time: approximately 10 and a half minutes. Gospel: Mt 16:13-20.

Regardless of the strengths or the gifts, or even the weaknesses and the shortcomings, of a particular successor of Peter, we have the obligation to preserve that communion of the Church in him who is the guarantor of that unity that Jesus prayed for…

Plan for Christian Life

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Run Time: 12:00. Gospel: Jn 15:9-17.

…this plan of love – loving God, and loving neighbor – is simple and straightforward, summed up in this single, final, definitive command. And it is our mission. If Christ’s plan is for us to love others, to share with others that love which we have first experienced. To give of ourselves for the benefit of others – just as He did for us – then we need to ask ourselves a question: what is the very best thing I can do for my neighbor?