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Strength in Weakness

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Run Time: 10:05. Gospel: Mk 6:1-6

‘When I am weak, then I am strong.’
These past several weeks and the weeks to come, we’ve been talking about these apparent contradictions about terminology, these turns of phrases that are being used in the scriptures. This is another example of that and the thing is with this kind of insight into humanity and to our own existence. This kind of insight can only come through experience in life. It is hard for the young to say this, but, as we grow old, we begin to realize this truth and so even though it seems to be contradictory it should be a comfort for us. Because it means that our sufferings, our thorns – whatever they may be – are not signs that God is angry or displeased with us. God does not punish us that way. Rather they are signs that He is teaching us. Using the contingencies of life as He taught Paul, to teach us true wisdom. The wisdom of humility and trust in God.