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The Better Part of the Deal

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Run Time: approximately 10 minutes. Gospel: Mt 20:1-16a.

In our hearts we still … have that inclination that secretly that those who are, to use the … imagery of this parable, that those who are out in the square not working are getting the better part of the deal. That those who are not at work in the Father’s vineyard somehow are getting by with something. Even in regard to sin – we may profess “well I know this is a sin,” we don’t, we don’t put that in our hearts. This is a turning from God and from my true purpose and meaning in life. And instead sometimes we sort of look and grumble as though they’re getting the better part of the deal and maybe I ought to get in on that.

Something’s A Little Off


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Run Time: approximately 2 minutes.

Epistle: Joel 2:12-19; Gospel: Mt 6:16-21


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Run Time: approximately 9 minutes.

We struggle over a bag of M&M’s, that I gave up in the morning and by the afternoon have somehow half disappeared. If this is the hold in my heart, that over little chocolates… or a hamburger, or a simple offering of surrender of comfort. My heart struggles, and strains. We should know that this will not go easy. And that the territory that has been seeded to the enemy will not be given up lightly.

On Work

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Run Time: 13:47. 2nd Reading: 2 Thes 3:7-12.

Our own efforts and labors have been an integral part of our dignity in the image and likeness of the Creator. That’s why it is such a challenge and really such a struggle – more than just financially – to be out of work. To lose that thing whereby I express the gifts that God has given me. And we run the risk of losing sight of that participation in the creative work of God, whether it comes to my gain and benefit or simply as a living out of the blessings God has given me. That participation is more than about ‘well, how useful am I?’ And we can say this is this attitude of St. Paul – to be busy about that for which God has equipped me; is about more than just, ‘well, do you have a job?’ But even for those, for those out of work or for even those unable, there is still some call to participate in the work of God.

Daily Report

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Run Time: 06:18. Gospel: Mk 6:7-13.

At the end of these instructions and preparations we hear the whole conclusion in just two sentences: “So they went off and preached repentance. The Twelve drove out many demons, and they anointed with oil main who were sick and cured them.”
It just hit me how matter-of-factly all this was reported. Just like a daily work report… It’s made to sound so common, but there’s so much more grand and divine going on.