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Christmas Time and Easter Time highlight the central mysteries of the Paschal Mystery, namely, the incarnation, death on the cross, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, and the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The Sundays and weeks of Ordinary Time, on the other hand, take us through the life of Christ. This is the time of conversion. This is living the life of Christ.

Ordinary Time is a time for growth and maturation, a time in which the mystery of Christ is called to penetrate ever more deeply into history until all things are finally caught up in Christ. The goal, toward which all of history is directed, is represented by the final Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.

~ from the USCCB website

Little Things

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Run Time: approximately 9 minutes. Gospel: Mk 4: 26-34.

…And so this image, particularly of the mustard seed and the plant that grows from it. There’s a bit of irony in this that I think is lost. We hear this and think, ‘Oh yes! Mustard seed. Little tiny – ah – speck that grows into this big tree. And What’s a mustard three look like?’ There is no such thing as a mustard tree. If you’ve done any farming you know what mustard looks like, and you’ve shaken your fists at it. If you’ve done any gardening you know its a fairly invasive plant. And still if you go to Galilee today in the hillsides around the sea of Galilee there are fields and fields with this tiny, little yellow flowers that come out of this bramble. That’s the mustard plant. And a little bit of it can choke out a whole field very quickly. A little bit of it spreads like wild fire. An indiscernible amount and once its in, try to get it out.
…That little bit; not of the mighty things – not of the great and weighty things, but beginning in the little, little things of life. Where the Word of God is sown it spreads, and begins to color the whole field of our life.

Things Are A Bit Off

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Run Time: approximately 11 minutes. Gospel: Mk 3: 20-35.

That the work – in that sense of the devil and his temptation – is incomplete. That there remains something in us (and this is a firmly Catholic principal), That however burdened we are in sin. That however fallen we may be from God and the struggle and the difficulty of … original sin that we carry with us and its effects. That we remain creatures in the image and likeness of God. And in this we have hope. And this is that constant reminder of Whose we are. That little itch within myself – even when I turn from Him – to know that I ought not, and that there is something better in store for me.

On Suffering

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Run Time: approximately 10 minutes. Gospel: Mk 1:29-39.

We’ve come into this life, and we go through this life for the sake of each other. Even in the depths of our worst sorrows to know that it’s not just me, it’s not just mine. Just as surely as another’s aren’t just theirs and I should heed God’s call to be of comfort and consolation to one who suffers – but also in the midst of my own suffering – to know I’m not the first and I won’t be the last. And most especially there’s one who was there before I got there. There was one who took the suffering of the world upon Himself. Who was the most despised of men. Scorned and outcast. Who, for love of us, poured Himself out so that none in their suffering might be alone…

There’s More to It

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Run Time: approximately 11 minutes. Reading 2: 1 Cor 7:32-35.

Pray for your priests. It is a beautiful life. It is a sacrifice worth making. But know as surely that I need your prayers as you are guaranteed mine. And that together, we stand as a sign for each other. To direct our thoughts and our works toward those of God and His will, toward that reward in His grace, which this world cannot give.

What Are You Doing Down There?

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Run Time: approximately 15 minutes.

Gospel: Mt 25:14-30.

My parents had a room in the basement that was the play room. And that’s the room where all the toys were put and where the worst of the chaos was wrought…. And occasionally we’d be sent to this place, not to play, but to clean up… but after 2 or 3 hours of “cleaning up” ah, at which point we had clearly forgotten what we were there for… Somebody would step on somebody else’s toes or something of that sort… and a fight would break out. A voice would come from upstairs: “What are you doing down there?” And the worst answer was: “Nothin!” because that was not the purpose. We were not put to this to do ‘nothin’ and I think of that in our daily examine how often, when we ask the question “what are you doing?” what are you doing in there? What are you doing with your time? What are you doing with this precious gift of life that you’ve been given? What are you doing with your attention, your patience, your charity? What a thing to answer back: “Nothin!” “Not getting into any trouble.” We’re here to do more than just not get into any trouble…. Jesus Christ did not take upon flesh and suffer and die for us simply to get us out of hell.

Who Bids Entry?

Lying in repose

Lying in repose: Otto von Habsburg, heir to the Austrian and Hungarian thrones, and his wife Princess Regina of Saxe-Meiningen, at the Capuchin Church in Vienna on Friday, 15 July 2011. Photo Credit: Gryffindor, Wikimedia
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Run Time: 14 minutes. Gospel: Mt 25:1-13.

Aren’t we supposed to share? Well, yes!… But I cannot supply for another what they will not have, and another cannot supply for me what I will not have. Nobody’s holy grandmother is going to get them into heaven – if I will not follow Christ myself. Nobody’s good wife or husband, or generous children, will move what they themselves will not move.


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Run Time: approximately 13 and a half minutes. Gospel: Mt 23:1-12.

And also – I think – to be attentive to what else it is I put in front of my eyes. What other images do I follow and how is … life constructed if that is what I’m constantly looking at. Does my life look like Philippians or Facebook? Which one’s the better pattern? To be conscious and attentive that, no, that’s not. There are certain things (that) begin to distort how I put this puzzle of my life together – and how I respond to others, patterns that I lay out as I have this in front of me. As I have either that image of imitation of Christ, or imitation of the world.